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                                                                               FIESTA TRAVEL DESIGNS (FTD) POLICY FOR GROUP CRUISES AND TOURS
       It is the standard policy of Fiesta Travel Designs that only those who book thru this agency be allowed to attend entertainment events produced by
Fiesta Travel Designs and/or those who contract with this agency for “group” or “theme” cruises and/or tours.  No tickets for these shows or tours
(shore excursions/bus tours) shall be sold onboard any ship, as this is the policy of all cruise lines.
       We reserve the right to make changes to our standard policy at any time due to circumstances beyond our control, including ship design or layout,
and/or technical difficulties. Some ships do not have lounges or showrooms that allow us the opportunity to screen, or deny access to, those entering
the specific area assigned to our group. Further, we reserve the right to allow our entertainers and/or FTD agency owners to make the decision to
provide additional entertainment onboard the ship when requested by the cruise line or tour operator to do so.  In most cases, this additional
entertainment may include an event open to anyone onboard the ship or those present at locations visited during shore excursion or tour locations.
       Entertainment fees are used to pay the Entertainers, the Band (if applicable), port charges, cruise taxes, sound technicians, and lounge/showroom
fees.  When applicable, entertainment fees are also used to pay shore excursion costs for our entertainers.  If you cancel your cruise or tour prior to
final payment date, you will be refunded any entertainment fees paid prior to that published date.  Unless otherwise stated on the registration form, if
you cancel your cruise after final payment date, the “entertainment fee” portion of your cost is retained by Fiesta Travel Designs (FTD), as the cruise
costs for all entertainers have already been paid by this date and cannot be refunded.
       Entertainment lineup may change prior to, or after, final payment date. FTD reserves the right to change the entertainment lineup at any time.
Entertainers are initially offered the option to join a cruise with the stipulation that their fans/friends sign up to support them. If an entertainer feels
he/she does not have sufficient supporters, they are given the opportunity to cancel 7 days prior to final payment date. This change is then published
to FTD website giving others the opportunity to cancel due to change in entertainment lineup. If an entertainer must cancel after final payment date due
to unforeseen circumstances, FTD will not be liable for refunds requested by participants.
       Trip Insurance is available by all cruise lines. If you wish to sign up for insurance, you must indicate this on your initial registration form. Insurance
payment is not required until final payment date, so be sure to include insurance costs at that time. If you wish to pay for insurance with initial deposit,
you must indicate this on your registration form. Insurance policies vary, thus it is your responsibility to print a copy of the policy from the cruise line’s
website, thus making you aware of what the policy covers.  To file an insurance claim, see copy of your policy for contact information. Participants may
also choose to obtain outside trip insurance other than insurance offered thru the cruise line.
       Special Discount Coupons: If you are in receipt of a special coupon or other advertisement from a cruise line, you may use that coupon when
registering thru this travel agency for a group cruise.  When you call, please make us aware of your coupon or certificate.  Your cost is the same as if
you booked online or thru the cruise line. In some cases, the entertainment fee may be required as an additional expense when using a discount
       Airline Reservations: We suggest you wait until after final payment date to book airline tickets.  If the cruise cancels, or an entertainer drops out,
this will ensure you do not lose cost of airline ticket. FTD is not liable for reimbursement of airline tickets under any circumstances.
       Cruise or trip cancellations must be documented via email ( and personal contact to (318) 348-1034. We MUST receive a
phone call from you to verify cancellation.

Updated: October 1, 2014
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