To our participants: It is the standard policy of Fiesta Travel Designs that anyone NOT booking their cruise thru this agency
NOT in possession of a specially designed "ticket" issued to attendees) will NOT be allowed to attend exclusive, onboard entertainment produced by
Fiesta Travel Designs and/or those who contract with this agency for "group" or "theme" cruises. Futher,
no "tickets" for these exclusive shows shall be
sold onboard
the ship (applies to all cruise lines). When this policy is disregarded, not only does FTD not make commission, the "Entertainer or
Entertainers" who are contracted to participate and provide "Exclusive" entertainment
will NOT receive the "entertainment fee" charged to each cruise
participant. These
fees help pay the Main Entertainer, the Band, their Taxes, and their Cabin charges. Also, "points" earned thru group bookings help pay for
use of reserved lounges and show rooms while onboard the ship.

Note: If you are in receipt of a
special coupon or other advertisement from a cruise line, you may STILL sign up via our travel agency and be a part of our
group. When you call, just make us
aware of your coupon or certificate. We can book you into our group with the same discount offered from the cruise line.

Remember: YOU
do not pay anything more for booking thru a travel agency. The cruise line pays thecommission to the agency. Your cost is the same
as if  you booked online or thru the cruise line.